Words we (I) hate

Marist Poll, the polling organisation that works out of Marist College, has released details of its survey of the most irritating words in the English language. Obviously, this has a US slant, though it’s surprising how they actually tick a box on this side of the Atlantic, too (perhaps because some are clearly American):

  1. Whatever
  2. Like
  3. You know
  4. Just sayin’
  5. Twitterverse
  6. Gotcha
  7. Unsure

I’d like to chuck in the following words/phrases:

  1. Aks (the word is “ask” – and no, you don’t sound “street”)
  2. Lulz (it’s not a word – it’s derived from the text speak acronym “lol” and you sound a prat)
  3. Fleg (don’t even go there)
  4. I personally (grrr)
  5. Shouldn’t of (have!)
  6. Absolutely (yes…)
  7. Sick (it does NOT mean good – it is what happens after you’ve been a dick and drunk too much – or caught the norovirus)

Please feel free to add your own pet hates.

One thought on “Words we (I) hate

  1. Hi Ben,

    I totally agree with your list and would add:

    1. almost exactly (pick one or the other, it can’t be both)
    2. pretty unique (is it unique or is it not?
    3. chillax (Grr!!)
    4. for free (‘free.’ or ‘ for nothing’s)
    5. golf as a verb
    6. antique – ditto (“we’re going antiquing” no, no, no!)
    7. proper (very) (‘ I’m proper Hungary’s)

    that’ll do for now!

    Lou R


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