This blog, cheques, and the concerns of the world…

One of the interesting things about WordPress is that it tells you what terms have been used in search engines that have subsequently led someone to look at your blog. Until just now I had never looked at the running total – it is actually very surprising and highlights that there is a single issue that is interesting people more than anything else: cheques.

There are all sorts of reasons why that might be – but one of them is a very real concern about the future of cheques. Government should keep in mind that this is something that is continuing to worry people long after it has faded from the front page. People on low incomes and in voluntary organisations need a real alternative that doesn’t require mastering complicated technologies.

Anyway, I thought that, for your interest, I would share the table of search terms from time-to-time. The number in square brackets is the number of times that search has been made. Perhaps you recognise your own!

cheque [58]
woodsman town square essex [6]
ben williams fragments [6]
akmalshaikh [4]
akmal shaikh grave [3]
ben williams liberal democrat [3]
basildon lib dem council blog motorboat [3]
german association of judges,anwar al bu [3]
chequeing out [3]
the woodsman basildon [2]
facebook woodsman [2]
the woodsman sculpture basildon [2]
a specific cruel execution [2]
al bunni german association judges award [2]
ben williams blog basildon [2]
photo of recent execution in china [2]
akmalshaikh death [2]
smell of baking and house sells [2]
cheque picture [2]
you tube sand art ukraine got talent [2]
the woodsman facebook group [2]
german judges anwar bunni prize [2]
fragments and reflections [2]
ibm signs £5bn deal to run tory councils [2]
essex county canada local government [2]
“notify me of follow-up comments” [1]
essex council privatize services [1]
grit boston lincolnshire roads [1]
essex lib dem [1]
rewriting sentence fragments the desire [1]
basildon council gritting [1]
essex ibm cameron [1]
ibm take over essex county council [1]
january reflections thoughts [1]
akmalshaikh bbc [1]
akmal shaikh execution is right decision [1]
wikileaks [1]
essex county council ibm children’s serv [1]
essex county council political blogs [1]
running on hopeless roads [1]
cruel execution pictures [1]
great chalvedon hall [1]
+”akmal shaikh” +”circumstances of his a [1]
paintings, lincolnshire wolds in the sno [1]
chinese ambassador akram shaikh [1]
oldest-surviving cheque [1]
emma n900 [1]
essex county council two tier [1]
iphone fingers sticky [1]
ibm essex county canada [1]

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