A Girl Called Jack – food for thought in every sense

I was going to say I came across A Girl Called Jack on one of my regular trawls of the Internet.

I didn’t.

It probably isn’t the sort of thing that would leap out of the search engine at me when I am looking for astronomy, Forteana, weird art, gaming or ordinary politics. It was recommended to me by someone who does pay more attention to the realities of life – and particularly the realities of other people’s lives.

Living in Southend, Jack brings the reality of living on the breadline very close to home. It makes for sobering reading – as well as prompting a long and hard think about the way we use (and abuse) food.

As usual in our cynical age, there are plenty of people, even in the hallowed forums of The Guardian, no doubt liberally-minded sorts comfortable in their middle-class family homes, who are quick to pour scorn and deride. I think that probably says more about them than her, failing to recognise that circumstances change and that you can lose a standard of living, as well as improve it.

Her recipes are obviously to be commended, especially if you are on a tight budget. Her post, Hunger Hurts, is a blistering read. It should be required reading for anyone engaged in politics – in any party and none.

The soft drink calorie horror – check out the seriously scary doughnut value!

Men’s Health America has decided to scare the pants off us with a journey through the soft drink horror stories of the United States. Before we all scoff (ho ho), cluck and roll our eyes in knowing despair at our American cousins, we should remember that many of these brands are available here and we see them in school lunch boxes by the hundreds of thousands.

For instance, take the Rockstar Energy Drink.

According to Men’s Health America it contains the sugar equivalent of SIX Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts.

That’s right: six doughnuts.

I mean, erm, WTH?!

Speaking as a diabetic, a few of those a day would make for an interesting experience… Seriously, though, how on earth can anyone think that has any serious nutritional value for your average, sofa-bound, pizza-gorging gamer addict?

To my mind these sorts of drinks are little more than legalised toxins. Check out the slide-show here.

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