Rage Against The Election: #nickcleggsfault and the rise of Twitter irony #gonick #libdems

Yet another refreshing twist of this election campaign is the way that Twitter has provided a ready platform for creative expression in the moment. Ironic comment has long been the preserve of columnists, writers and the chattering classes. Twitter particularly has also allowed ordinary people to demonstrate they are more than capable of cutting wit and irony – and in a deliciously mischievous twist have sought to parody the attacks of the Tory press.

The Tories may have thought that they were being clever by briefing the Rothermere and Murdoch press to smear Nick Clegg. Reassuringly, however, the backlash against the smears started online almost immediately, with savvy voters seeing straight through an obvious dirty-tricks campaign and starting an ironic hash-tag #nickcleggsfault for Tweets attributing the world’s ills to Nick Clegg.

Here are some of those I liked best that ran with the #nickcleggsfault tag:

“Beethoven and Mahler didn’t complete their 10th symphonies #nickcleggsfault”

“Goose dying in Top Gun #nickcleggsfault”

“Haven’t done any of the work I was supposed to do… It’s #nickcleggsfault”

“Kennedy assassination. New footage confirms hidden gunman on grassy knoll is Nick Clegg. #nickcleggsfault”

And my personal favourite?

“Nick Clegg was seen two weeks ago poking Eyjafjallajokull with a stick #nickcleggsfault”

If you’ve spotted any others you like, please feel free to share… 🙂

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