For those that think that cats are dull…

I share a house with Em and a large, black Norwegian Forest Cat.

He is going through a relatively cute and fluffy stage at the moment.

I may have a fresh set of lacerations on my left arm, but they are the first in quite a while and those who have encountered  the beast will not be surprised to learn that he has chased a dog or two in his time. There’s something quite hilarious about the pomposity of a cat, puffed up, predatory, silently surveying his domain, before realising that the lack of prehensile thumbage means he needs to squeak for his supper.

Anyway, for those that think cats lack in the personality department, here’s one of many cat clip compilations – some of which show the sheer brutal CUNNING of the feline mind. Others simply made me giggle. I am easily amused!

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