“The Woodsman”: Chance for Council to decide? #woodsman

Those who are interested in “The Woodsman” may wish to know that at the next Council meeting (18 February 2010 at 6pm) I will be moving the following motion for discussion:

“The Council welcomes the demonstration of public support for reinstating The Woodsman in St Martin’s Square, recognises the talent and generosity of Dave Chapple in giving The Woodsman to the people of Basildon, and commits to its restoration and reinstatement in St Martin’s Square at the earliest practical opportunity.”

It is the last item on the meeting’s agenda – and the agenda is a very long one as it will also deal with setting the level of Council Tax (there is therefore a danger that it might not be reached).

The Council meets in the St George’s Suite and it is a meeting open to the public (public question time is the first item on the agenda – questions have to be submitted in writing three days before (the deadline is usually regarded as 10am on Monday).

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2 thoughts on ““The Woodsman”: Chance for Council to decide? #woodsman

  1. I have a question that I’d like to ask the meeting.
    Simply this. “Mr Blake.. You are Cabinet Member for Leisure and Arts, may I ask you.. What are your artistic credentials?

    I would like to ask this because (maybe wrongly) I assumed that people were chosen for their cabinet positions on the basis that they had some kind of expertise within the area of that position.

    I understand that he is a part-time football referee, so I can understand why they would charge him with the overseeing of the multi-million pound, state of the art sports complex.
    But what about the Arts side of things?

    Wonder if they would agree to me asking that question?


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