And yet more pointless municipal vandalism…

Sometimes a picture says all that can be said. For some reason, Conservative-controlled Basildon Council has decided to rip out the relatively recently constructed features that distinguish St Martin’s Square. When the bid to the Government for money for new lighting was discussed, this wasn’t. (Nor were the design and placement of the lights, but that’s another story.)

When Em’s family visited for the first time they commented on how pleasant and unusual that part of St Martin’s Square looked. How sad that this is the last picture I took of it.

Demolishing St Martin's Square

Demolishing St Martin's Square

I can’t help feeling that these Conservative councillors care less and less about the area and more and more about building some lasting concrete (!) legacy. Exactly the criticism they made of previous Labour councillors. Is it any wonder that people give up in despair?

Rooting around on the Council’s website I found the notice to tender for the contract. Strangely, there is no information in the appropriate section to say who got the contract. To that end, concerned residents might wish to be aware that the tender has just closed for further works to Compass Square (I believe Compass Square is the area immediately in front of the Bascentre). I wonder if the Council will say who has secured that?

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2 thoughts on “And yet more pointless municipal vandalism…

  1. No they won’t. As far as they are concerned it’s nothing to do with us.
    I agree with you Ben, it just seems that they want to put their mark all over the place almost as if just for the sake of it. It almost comes across as hit and run theyre in such a panic to do this stuff.
    Almost like “Look there’s gonna be grumbles so lets just put our heads down and get it done quickly and theyll soon either warm to it or forget about it.”

    Look at the Purple Squid Lights, (as we are calling them.. no doubt there will be other great nicknames, but we’re going to push for ours lol).. well I’m sure that they will look wonderful in all their glory, in fact can’t wait to see them working. But the placement is very bad. Comes across as slap dash.. unless they plan on moving the Bell Tower next? Hmmmm.. I wouldn’t put it.. no lets not even say it 🙂


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